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Casual Conversation with Mark Bankoff February 6th, 2022

Our classmate Mark Bankoff will be our guest for a Casual Conversation on Zoom on February 6, a Sunday, at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Mark’s description of the session is below, and we invite you to join us to see the world through Mark’s eyes and to revel in its beauties.

If you want to participate, please email me at by close of business on the Friday before, February 4.


Casual Conversation with Dick Glovsky and John Isaacson February 15th, 2022

On Tuesday, February 15 at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, Dick Glovsky and John Isaacson will present “Ideas to make retirement most rewarding.” Dick will call upon his extensive experience in the non-profit and pro bono world while John (Class of ‘68, a Rhodes Scholar and Chair of Isaacson Miller) will lend his years of experience as a non-profit placement expert to the discussion of avenues to make retirement rewarding and significant after our professional careers have concluded.

Casual Conversation January 30 with Paul Gambaccini

On Sunday, January 30, 2022, at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time, Paul Gambaccini will join us on Zoom for a casual conversation.  He will be speaking from London, England, where he has lived and worked for decades.   As with all our casual conversations with Dartmouth colleagues, this will not be an exercise in nostalgia about our College years.  Rather, Paul has spent a lifetime forging a unique path in the entertainment industry in the UK becoming not only its leading radio presenter, but also hosting the nation’s annual music awards ceremony, named after Ivor Novello (Britain

Casual Conversation January 9, 2022 with David Abbott

The second half of our mining double bill takes place on Sunday, January 9, 2022, at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time on Zoom.  David Abbott will be sharing his experiences as a geologist in ferreting out fraud in the sale of mining securities.  His description of his talk is below.

Save the date: June 20-22, 2022


Monday-Wednesday, June 20-22, 2022


No, it isn’t a wedding! It’s the...

Casual conversation December 12th with Tim Means

Something new for our Casual Conversations: two conversations linked by subject matter.  Both concern mining and mines.  The first, which is with Tim Means, is about mining: how it is done, how it is regulated, and the human and legal institutional flaws that can jeopardize achievement of miners’ safety which is the intended regulatory objective. (The second on January 9 will feature David Abbott talking about his work for the SEC in ferreting out fraud in connection with selling shares of mines.)  The December 12th discussion with Tim will revolve around the issues presented by Tim’s novel

Casual Conversaion December 6, 2021

On Monday December 6 at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, the Jewish Culture Group is sponsoring a discussion with Charles Murray about his writings on the Jewish people.  We have Tex Talmadge, a friend of Charles Murray to thank for obtaining his agreement to speak with us. Consistent with the policy of requiring all Class-sponsored groups to be open to all, neither Tex nor Charles is Jewish, and Tex, in fact, had Christian Seminary training.  Please see below for Tex’s personal introduction of Charles.

Peter Elias' notes from Homecoming

Peter Elias sends us his notes from Homecoming 2021:


Summary of Class of '69 Donor Acivity 2020-2021

Congratulations to all!  The most recent Dartmouth Alumni Magazine lists the Great Class of 1969 as the recipient of the Charles J.


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