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Class (virtual) wine tastings

Our most recent wine testing (March 25th) was a great time!
Our own John & Mary Myers’ daughter, Katie, is the sales director at Clif Family Winery. These are the same folks who make the Clif Bars that you most likely know and love. Well, their wines and the snack food pairings are excellent. Their tour guide for our Zoom wine tasting was charming and knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. If you missed it – sorry about that.

But – you have another chance:

Red Wines of Italy

DOC House project update

Temperatures in the mid-40s added to the positive experience of today’s construction meeting at the DOC House.

DOC House project update

Paul Tuhus updates us again:

"Progress is noticeably evident with the installation of new windows. Following today’s construction meeting, Andy McLane, our architect, the College’s project manager, and I traveled to Pompanoosuc Mills to work on furniture selection."


Casual Conversations

Early in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Arthur Fergenson (our mini-Reunion Chair) initiated a series of Casual Conversations among classmates. These 2-hour conversations occur roughly monthly using Zoom and are on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 pm ET unless otherwise specified. About 3 weeks before each event, an announcement is posted here on the web site and sent to all classmates for whom we have valid email addresses.

Saturday Night at the Movies

On Saturday, February 27, your classmates held the second Saturday Night at the Movies using the Watch Party function of Amazon Prime.  Ten of us, plus partners, attended.  The film was The Set-Up (1949), starring Dartmouth heavyweight boxing champion Robert Ryan, Class of 1932.  Attendees had such a good time that we are doing a third Saturday Night at the Movies on March 20 at 8 pm Eastern.

Announcing MOVIE NIGHT

After a successful test run with Allen Denison (who brought along a bowl of popcorn to eat with his wife), Nanalee Raphael, Sandy Rode, and Arthur Fergenson, we are announcing our second Saturday Night at the Movies.  The first movie was In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, and directed by Nicholas Ray.  There is a real time chat function that we each used to comment, including a discussion of the movie after it was over.

DOC House project update

Paul Tuhus' latrst update and photos. (See more photos here on our SmugMug class gallery.)

DOC House project update

Dimitri offers some photos with the comment: 


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