The Adoption: How it all started...

Sometimes the impact of something that seems small in the moment turns out to be substantial. The ripple effect. Here are some musings on my accidental role in recognizing and adopting a group of pioneering women into the Class of 1969.

As our Class Web-ster, I always struggle to find fresh content for our Class web site. One evening in the early spring of 2005 not long after after having rebuilt our site, I was looking at my Dartmouth-era photos and hoping for inspiration. I came across a picture of me with Binky Wood in the basement of Foley House:

The Adoption Proposal admin Tue, 11/07/2006 - 18:16

The following proposal was sent to the Class of '69 in late April 2006:


We propose that the Class of 1969 adopt the remaining women exchange student alumnae.
(The Alumni Office has confirmed that Classes have this authority.)   

The Adoption Certificate admin Wed, 11/08/2006 - 18:20

Here is a copy of the adoption document:

Adoption certificate


Arthur's History of the Adoption Process admin Fri, 11/10/2006 - 18:30



TO       :           Dudley Kay, President, Class of 1969

And then there were ten...

In April of 2009, we learned through a letter to the Dartmouth D, that our Pioneering Nine was not a complete accounting. Dona Heller, who had taken Dartmouth classes while a Hanover High student, returned to campus during a leave from Bryn Mawr. Here is the letter:

"I am writing about the article about the "Pioneering Nine" -- Dartmouth's first coeds ("College welcomes back the 'Pioneering Nine,'" April 2). The nine women were drama students who enrolled for the 1968-1969 year to act in theater productions.