About our 1969-2019 Class Connections program

The 1969<->2019 Class Connections Program carries on a unique and special Dartmouth tradition pairing classes that are fifty years apart.  Each incoming Freshman Class is connected to the alumni class that will celebrate its 50th Reunion on the same weekend that the undergraduate class has its graduation. The primary goals are to promote inter-class, inter-generational friendships and to strengthen the Dartmouth community through a series of shared events hosted by the alumni class.

Class Connections Sports Management Panel - April 9, 2018 admin

Sports Management Program


Fourth Annual 1969-2019 Trivia Night - January 2019


Round up your ’69 buddies and participate in the fourth (and final) Trivia Night with the ’19s on Saturday, January 12, 2019. This event has proven to be highly popular with both the ’19s and with the ’69s who have participated.  Rick Willets and Paul Tuhus have spent this past year hard at work concocting be another great set of creative, clever, and interesting questions (on both general and Dartmouth trivia) to challenge and amuse both young and old.