About the Discussion ListServ:

The Class of '69 created a 'Class Discussion ListServ' in April 1999. The goal was to facilitate connection and communication among members of our Class, and among their families and friends. As of April 2022 we had shared over 30,000 messages!

Appropriate uses of the Class list include:

  • Discussion or sharing related to matters likely to be of communal interest: events, activities, life experiences.
  • Requesting information or advice from members of the list
  • Sharing information or experiences likely to be of general interest
  • Discussion of any subjects likely to be of general interest, including but not limited to reminiscences of past days, current experiences and anecdotes, political or philosophical discussions.
  • List members should feel free to address any subject or issue (consistent with the principle of free speech), as long as it is done in a manner that fosters open dialogue (consistent with respect for the rights of others).

Inappropriate uses of the list include:

  • Commercial posts
  • Obscenity or language/content that would make list members uncomfortable receiving the list at home or work
  • Ad hominem or personal attacks (discussion of posters rather than posts)
  • Intolerant or uncivil behavior
  • Posts about individuals on the list rather than about the issues being discussed (avoid 'you' statements)
  • Personal or one-on-one dialogues, which should be held 'off list'

The core concept is that postings should pertain to matters likely to be of general interest, should be civil, and should facilitate overall group participation.

 Two ways to subscribe to the list: 

  • Contact Peter Elias '69, Class of '69 Web'ster and the List Mom; or...
  • Send an email to <listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu> with the BODY of the message saying: sub class-69 Your Name. (Your name has to be two words.) Whatever email address you send this from will be the address ListServ knows you by. That is the email address you must use when you post to the List. You may subscribe with more than one email address. 

Peace. Enjoy the list.

Your List Mom

Peter Elias, Class '69 We'bster and List Mom.