Hey, ’69s!

This page has been updated to make The Book available to Classmates again.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the expanded 1969 50th Reunion Book, v. 2.1. The full book has about 1,200 pages, and there are almost 400 new photos (2,515 in total).

There are FOUR versions of the 50th Reunion Book, all as PDFs. They are all provided in single-page format rather than spreads for easier reading on your devices. On a computer monitor, you can set Acrobat to display the spreads if you wish.

You may, of course, download more than one version, anytime.

The four versions are:

1. The 2.1 “incremental version” (about 9 MB). This is an “incremental version” in low resolution (readable, but recommended only if you have really limited download capacity) (about 9MB); this file contains only the revised opening section and the new pages beyond the last page of the printed book.

2. The full 2.1 Book is the full Book in the same low resolution and quality as the incremental version (about 38 MB).

3. The full 2.1 book in a medium resolution and that will be more readable. This version will provide a very good image on your computer monitor and certainly on your iPad. (About 190 MB)

4. The full 2.1 book in high resolution and 'press' quality that will better enable you to zoom in on photos. This version will provide superb and clear images and typography on your computer monitor if you want to start looking really deeply. Recommended only if you have the bandwidth (about 1.1 GB).


The Book Committee consists of the following:


Our sincere thanks and appreciation are due to the many volunteer helpers who tolerated our vague instructions and anxious moments. See them at Reunion and extend your own gratitude, too.
Copy-Editing and Proofreading: John Beck, Bill Berenson, Allen Denison, Jill Ford, Jud Graves, Mike Groden, Dona Heller, Peter Imber, David Kinsey, Steve Larson, Dave Maier, Doug Nichols, Nick North, Bob Shellard
Photography, Scanning, and Image Research: Henry V. Allen, Bruce Alpert, Mark Bankoff, Jim Becker, Lance Bertelsen, Phil Bush, Greg Dobbs, Peter Elias, Bob Garman, Mary Gerakaris (www.maryg-photo.com), Jud Graves, Bruce Hamilton, Dona Heller, Emo Horner, David Kinsey, Steve Larson, Joe Mehling, Craig Miller, John Naitove, Nick North, Charlie Pineo, David L. Prentice, Paul Tuhus, Richard Willets. We also thank our non-’69 contributors: The Carroll School, Jeannette Festa, Mirco Musolesi, Tony Furnary ’80, Dartmouth College Fund, student photographers, and Dartmouth Photo Records—Rauner Archive. There may be more of you, but photos get separated from folders, so we’re not sure!
Data and Photo Research: Phil Bush, Dona Heller, Steve Larson, Jim Staros, Joe Mehling.
Other Contributions to Book Content: Arthur Fergenson, Mike Groden, Jeff Kelley, Greg Lau.
Special Thanks to Brenda and Preston Conklin ’70 for research for their 25th Book, some of which is reprinted herein
Now enjoy some well-aged reflections and images. This is Us, the Dartmouth Class of 1969.
David L. Prentice, Dudley R. Kay, and Henry V. Allen
The Dartmouth Class of 1969 50th Reunion Book Co-Editors