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Recognition, welcome but long overdue

A note from Arthur Fergenson:

Valedictory to the Graduating Students by President Philip J. Hanlon ’77, June 09, 2019:

“Not long after [the opening of the Hop in 1962], the Dartmouth theater department served as the earliest pathway for women on this campus, some of whom are seated amongst you today as proudly adopted members of the Class of 1969.”

The adoptees rose and cheered.  I sat next to them and cheered, and could not hold back the tears.  I didn’t want to.

Glee Club photos from Reunion

Some members of our Glee Club participated in several Reunion events, including the Memorial Service. Thanks to Roy Hitchings, David Dunning, Don Syracuse, John Myers, Dave Wakelin, Gary Cherry, Hamp Rich, Loren Lortscher, Tom Solheim, Nick North. Some photos below.

The Parkhurst Problem (comment from Randy Dominic)

Randy Dominic notes that he enjoyed the 50th Reunion but asked that the following be shared with our Class:

I was profoundly disappointed that the one event from our college days deemed worthy of remembering was when some of us decided to exercise their First Amendment rights by denying them to the rest of us.  Did we learn nothing in our four years at Dartmouth?

Through the Glass Darkly Readings

Through the Glass Darkly – Readings

(Class of 1969 50th Reunion June 2019)


Reunion comments from Bill Howell

Reunion was a peak experience, even without summiting Moosilauke. The beauty of the Baker River valley; the camaraderie at the lodge and back on campus; the Parkhurst docudrama; conversations at the receptions and meals; commencement itself and walks around campus and down to the boathouse; all combined for a memorable time. Thanks to all the leaders who worked long hours to make the event a success.

50th Swimmer/Diver Reunion at Dartmouth

Below is a picture from our 50th Reunion this past weekend. On Saturday June 8 at 3:30 PM, we gathered with Ron Keenhold under the class tent for a delightful hour and a half reminiscing about our years with the team.

In the standing group shot left to right are:

Clint Harris, Don Lofty, David Hoth, Mike Brown ’70, Jim Becker, Coach Ron Keenhold, Dick Hinman, Jay Glaser, Allan Petersen, Tom Greist, Charlie Hodgson.

Missing from the picture are Jud Graves, who had to leave early for a frat ceremony, and John Bisson, who came late.

To Returning!

A tip of the hat to Arthur Fergenson for this:

"A Triolet" by Dorothy Parker, from "Not Much Fun: The Lost Poems of Dorothy Parker," compiled by Stuart Y. Silverstein (Scribner 2009)

Thanks and thoughts about our 50th Reunion

Our 50th Reunion was, without doubt, the most engaging and enjoyable 5 days I have ever spent in and around Hanover. I am so appreciative of the thought and work that went into The Book and all the Reunion events. I'm talking not just about the movers and shakers behind the scenes, but also about all of you who contributed your thoughts, photos, and attendance. I want to share three realizations from my drive home to Maine.

ICYMI: Yo Yo Ma Commencement address at Reunion

For those who didn't attend Reunion, who attended but couldn't stay for Commencement, or for those who would like to see and heaer it again, HERE is Yo Yo Ma first addressing us and then playing his cello.

Class of '69 50th Reunion Twitter account

Announcing the Class of ‘69 50th Reunion Twitter project.


Our Class has had a (dormant to the point of being moribund) Twitter account since 2010. Our Twitter handle is: @dartmouth69.

We also have a brand new (it’s still pretty green) hashtag for stuff related to our 50th Reunion:  #69Reunion50.


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