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Announcing MOVIE NIGHT

After a successful test run with Allen Denison (who brought along a bowl of popcorn to eat with his wife), Nanalee Raphael, Sandy Rode, and Arthur Fergenson, we are announcing our second Saturday Night at the Movies.  The first movie was In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, and directed by Nicholas Ray.  There is a real time chat function that we each used to comment, including a discussion of the movie after it was over.

DOC House project update

Paul Tuhus' latrst update and photos. (See more photos here on our SmugMug class gallery.)

DOC House project update

Dimitri offers some photos with the comment: 

DOC House project update

Another exciting update from Paul Tuhus:

Class Connextions: Spring Training in a COVID World

Sandy Alderson will continue our casual conversation series on Zoom with a session on baseball, as he describes below.

DOC House project update

Our fundraising is going well. The new DOC House will be a reality! Here is a graphic showing the giving pyramid as of January 13, 2021:


The loss of classmate David Lyon Prentice (1947-2021)

“Way cool” is NOT the way David would describe his untimely departure on January 4, 2021
even though we’ve heard him say it hundreds of times. We would have wished that he would
have lived forever, enriching our lives with his generosity of spirit, wacky behavior, and sharp
wit. His lifetime spanned only 73 years and two months, and there was never a dull moment. He
was honest and direct, a community builder, networker, punctuation police, organizer guru,
eggnog aficionado, political pundit, and an avid historian and reader. A genuine quirky character,

Announcing three virtual wine tastings in 2021

The first Class of ’69 Virtual Wine Tasting was held in October 2020 in conjunction with our Virtual Homecoming Celebration. It was an unqualified success. Everyone in attendance had a great time. Following that event, there were multiple requests for us to develop a series of wine tastings with different themes.  
Dona and I are pleased to present three (3) Class of ’69 Virtual Wine Tastings in 2021!


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