Missing '69s

Webmaster note: This is based on an updated list from the College as of June 24, 2021. We use the College's contact database rather than trying to maintain our own system.

We would like to be able to contact every member of the Class of '69 with the detailsof Class events and updates about classmates. Our goal is to be able to reach classmates electronically when possible: it saves money and time for the Class. If you can help by providing contact information, please let us know by contacting Peter Elias. The lists below are based on the Dartmouth address database as of June 2021. We will try to update this on a regular basis.


Here is a list of classmates the College has no email address for. 

  1. Charles F. Adams
  2. John M. Anderson
  3. Michael R. Anderson
  4. Peter B. Anderson, M.D.
  5. Roy A. Augsberger
  6. Donald I. Baird, M.D.
  7. James F. Barlow
  8. James K. Bieging, M.D.
  9. Roger A. Bishop
  10. Richard P. Bozof, M.D.
  11. Allen H. Brainerd
  12. John W. Bruce, III
  13. Richard Buck
  14. Hollis N. Burke
  15. Robert T. Cole
  16. Henry J. Coleman, Jr., Ph.D.
  17. Timothy P. Connor
  18. Gregory M. Cook
  19. Steven L. Cox, Ph.D.
  20. R. Rolla Crocker
  21. Mark W. Davenport, M.D.
  22. Martin Davis
  23. Robert E. Dibble, Jr.
  24. James J. Donohue, Esq.
  25. James E. Dupret
  26. Sam A. Egan
  27. Christopher A. Elders
  28. David S. Elgethun, D.M.D.
  29. W. David Ellsworth
  30. Randolph D. Emerick
  31. Joseph J. Fahey
  32. David C. Fellows
  33. Jeffrey T. Fierstein, M.D.
  34. John T. Finn
  35. J. Christopher A. Gore
  36. Barry M. Gray, M.D.
  37. Jared O. Haynes
  38. William J. Henderson, Ph.D.
  39. Hugh A. Hill
  40. Gary W. Houston
  41. William R. Huth
  42. Bruce E. Jacobs
  43. Jon E. Jensen
  44. Donald R. Johnsen
  45. Kirk B. Johnson
  46. Gerald I. Kassels, M.D.
  47. Christopher O. Kern
  48. Douglas M. Kerr
  49. Brian S. Kiehm
  50. John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.
  51. Jerry H. Kogan
  52. Peter R. Kohn
  53. Joseph A. Kornfeld
  54. Edward E. Kozelka, Jr.
  55. George L. Linnik
  56. Kenneth C. Lockhart
  57. Lyle K. London, Jr.
  58. Gregory C. Lovaas, M.D.
  59. Charles B. McCracken
  60. William McCurine, Jr.
  61. Douglas C. McKenna, Esq.
  62. John M. Mackenzie, Jr.
  63. Steven L. Mackintosh
  64. Terrence W. Mahoney
  65. Peter C. Martens
  66. William F. Martin, Jr.
  67. John H. Masten
  68. Geoffrey P. Mather
  69. Donald M. Meehan
  70. Edward W. Merrow
  71. John S. Mills
  72. James S. Miser, M.D.
  73. David P. Moore, M.D.
  74. Stephen E. Myers
  75. A. Davis Noble Jr.
  76. Thomas R. O'Mara
  77. John W. Paisley, M.D.
  78. J. Craig Paulson, M.D.
  79. Phillip A. Pratt
  80. Bennett M. Pudlin
  81. Edward M. Rasmussen
  82. Andrew Raymond
  83. Leslie W. Reitman, M.D.
  84. Edgar W. Robertson, M.D.
  85. Peter E. Rosden
  86. Donald D. Rossi
  87. Guy T. Ryder
  88. David H. Sandlin
  89. Horace B. Shaw, III
  90. Dennis L. Short
  91. Barry N. Simpter
  92. Alfred W. Sloan, M.D.
  93. Thomas A. Snow
  94. Edwin J. Spiegel, III
  95. Joseph P. Stefani, Jr.
  96. William G. Stewart, II
  97. Christopher J. B. Stillbach
  98. Ronald B. Straub
  99. David A. Stringham
  100. Jonathan V. Stuart
  101. Erik Sunde
  102. Richard B. Thompson
  103. Henry K. Urion, III
  104. Stuart M. Vance
  105. Arnold G. Weingart
  106. David S. Weisberg