Privacy Statement for Dartmouth69

(December 1, 2017)


Thank you for visiting and using Dartmouth69. Privacy is important to us. We collect only the minimum amount of information needed for our site to function. We do not share or sell any personal or browsing information, except as required by law. By using our site, you agree to


What information do we collect?

If you are browsing our site as an unregistered or anonymous visitor, we collect and use only the common information most sites collect and use, like cookies and web server logs. This is information we collect from all visitors, whether they have an account or not. It typically includes the browser type and version, the date and time of the visit, the pages (on our site) visited, and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the visitor.

If you create an account with our site, we collect and store some additional information, such as user name, password, and a valid email address.  During the registration process or while using the site as a registered visitor, users are able to provide additional ‘Personal User Information’ such as address, phone number, photo or avatar, social media handles, hobbies, and interests.


Why do we collect this information?

  • Browser type and user IP address are necessary to create a ‘cookie’ to keep you connected to the site while you navigate within the site.
  • Registration information (username and valid email address and password) are necessary to verify registered users and prevent malicious use of the site. Your email address is necessary to communicate with you and to let you recover or reset a password.
  • Other optional personal information can be useful within the site for things like internal messaging or community building.


Do we share or sell your information?

NO! We trust you to use our site responsibly and want you to be able to trust us to user your information responsibly.


What happens to information if you delete your account?

All the personal information required for registration (username, email address, password and all other optional personal information) are deleted. Materials you have contributed to the site (e.g., photos, comments, or posts on the forum) remain, but are not identified as coming from you.