About the galleries here:

Our (over 6000) Class photos currently live in a collection of galleries on SmugMug. The individual galleries are listed below. Each link should open to a new page in your browser, with a set of thumbnails on the left, and a full version of the photo on the right. You can use the controls on that page to view a slide show. (If you register with SmugMug, you can add comments.) You can download copies of the pictures, or purchase prints. (Some of the photos, especially in the older galleries, have small file sizes and would not print well. The newer photos generally are much larger file sizes.)

If you want to add photos to our Class collection, feel free to send them to me. I will add an album and credit you. 


Mini Reunions:




Connections events with the 2019s:


Miscellaneous other events and albums:



If you have questions, please contact Peter Elias, our Web'ster.