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Casual Conversion with Professor Diana Schaub on March 29, 2022

On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at 4:30 pm Eastern Time (US), Professor Diana Schaub will be speaking with us at a Casual Conversation.  Professor Schaub, who teaches at Loyola University of Maryland (just a few miles down Charles Street from where I live), has written a book on three of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches: address before the Springfield Lyceum in 1838, The Gettysburg Address in November 1863 and The Second Inaugural Addre

Casual Converstations: John Mathias on October 18, 2020

Our next casual conversation on Zoom, the fifth in the continuing series, will be led by our classmate and immediate past Class president, John Mathias.  (The first four were hosted by Tex Talmadge, Peter Elias, Arnie Resnicoff, and Dave Agan.)  John’s conversation will be held on Sunday, October 18 at 4 pm Eastern.  (Note the change in time from prior sessions.)   John’s topic is

Casual Conversation with Tex Talmadge onDecember 20, 2020: Civil War

After skipping a month, we will return on Sunday, December 20 at 3 pm Eastern (US) for a Zoom casual conversation led by Tex Talmadge with the possible assistance of Dudley Kay (whose birthday it is that day).  Our last casual conversation was led by John Mathias and the topic was his representation of criminal defendants facing the death penalty.  This was the most heavily attended of all the sessions, with 23 of us joining i

Casual Conversation with Ray Saginur April 25, 2021

After last month’s successful (37 participants at the height) Casual Conversation with Paul Tuhus sharing tips and answering questions about travel, we take a trip across the border into Canada for classmate and Ottawa resident Ray Saginur, M.D., to lead a discussion on Ethics and Covid-19.  Ray, as his description of the upcoming session and his bio attest, is trained in both infectious disease and ethics.  While a pandemic i

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