In the past, the Class of ’69 Honorees Committee (currently consisting of Greg Lau, Rick Willets, Peter Elias  and Jim Staros ex officio) invited and received a number of recommendations from various members of our Class for the Committee to consider recognizing with the Class of 1969 Outstanding Service Award. Our inaugural awards recognized Rick Willets and David Prentice (posthumously) at our 75th birthday celebration last June and Norman Jacobs and Peter Elias were honored at our October Homecoming last year.
The Committee is now seeking additional nominations and invites members of the Class to submit those recommendations on or before July 14, after which the Committee plans to recommend one or more additional nominees to receive their awards at our ComingHome Weekend celebration on October 6-8 this Fall (2023). The Committee will be considering nominations it already has received as well as any other nominations members of the Class would like to present. Members of the Class should submit new nominations by forwarding them to Greg Lau at on or before Friday, July 14.  Nominations received after that date will be considered for future awards. Classmates may be recommended by any number of classmates.
As a reminder, one to three such awards are to be given annually to classmates who have manifested dedication and exemplary contributions (excluding financial) to the Class or College. An award may be posthumous, and the Class Executive Committee approves all awardees. The names of the awardees are engraved on a plaque to be displayed in the DOC House during all Class events there. An engraved memento of the Award is given to each awardee. Awardee(s) also will be featured with a story on the front page of Class Newsletter and recognition in the next Alumni Magazine Class of ’69 column.

Nominations should consist of no less than 50 and no more than 200 words explaining why the nominee is worthy of the award.

Please address any questions about the award to Greg at the email address above.