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Dartmouth College Fund Donors from 2016-2017

  1. Anonymous (13)
  2. Michael D. Adickman, M.D.
  3. R. David Agan
  4. Richard L. Alderson
  5. Henry V. Allen   
  6. Stephen C. Allen      
  7. Mark J. Alvarez    
  8. Mark Anderson    
  9. Robert N. Anthony, Jr., M.D.    
  10. James Baller    
  11. Steven A. Barrett, M.D.        
  12. Gary B. Bartholomaus          
  13. Stephen W. Bates      
  14. John David Weil Beck, Ed.D.         
  15. Frederic S. Becker           
  16. Benjamin G. Benner, M.D.     
  17. William M. Berenson, Ph.D.         

Dartmouth College Fund donors

Honor roll donors by year:


Dartmouth College Fund Honor Roll 2018-2019

Here is the list of the 310 classmates (now at 46% participation) who have contributed $3,155,309 to the Dartmouth College Fund 2018-2019 campaign:

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Alumni Council

A message from Jim Staros, our Alumni Council representative. 


Dear ’69 Classmates,

Webmaster's report

Webmaster report


Web site.

About our class web site

At the Homecoming Class meeting in April 1999, those present agreed that we should have a Class web site, and use it to share information, improve communication, allow collaboration, build connections, and foster a sense of community among Classmates and their families. Internet technology and culture are always evolving and Class needs change, but we continue believe that online tools can help our Class follow through on its longstanding commitment to connectedness. Our goals with our Class web site are to:


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