You are invited to join classmate Phil Bush in a lunchtime concert on Zoom on Wednesday, April 12 at 1 pm Eastern Time.   This is the second lunchtime concert, the first being with pianist Sue Leavitt, who played a classical program.  She was terrific and she started what is now officially A TRADITION, one that Phil will now carry forward with guitar held high!
Here is Phil’s intro to his event:
I pulled my older brother’s cheap guitar out of the attic when I was 15. The front body was stenciled with cowboys lassoing cattle.  I bought a copy of both volumes of The Folksinger’s Guitar Guide by Jerry Silverman and a Peter Paul and Mary songbook, arranged and notated for piano, but with the guitar chords. No tabs (guitar notation). The guys in my Bissell Hall suite were kind enough not to laugh when I pulled out the guitar.  I’ve played ever since. I now have a guitar that is a gem. Both my playing and voice have improved, in case any friend remembers hearing either one at Dartmouth.

I’ll play blues from the ‘20s – ‘50s, songs from the ‘60s folk revival, a couple of acoustic (I know, it’s all acoustic) rock covers that you’ll know from back then, and not much from later, except a couple originals from the past couple years. I’ll be live for many and will mix in some YouTubes recorded by Chad Finer, a former Dartmouth Hitchcock ER doc. He has a retirement mission of recording live music in the region and distributing it free. Go to YouTube and search on Chad Finer Channel to hear hundreds of recordings.  Mine were done during the pandemic when he recorded at his farm and in the attic of Dan and Whit’s Store in Norwich.

I hope you’ll sing along to ones you know.  You can sing along to ones you don’t know, too, since you will all mute to prevent an aural nightmare.

So, join Phil and your Zoom-mates for a wonderful musical experience.   And sing along, muted.  I don’t know if you remember the appearance of Ian & Sylvia at the College, the only good thing about Canadian Year.  I hope that on Phil’s playlist are a few of their songs.  You can always send Phil your requests, which he is free, of course, to not accept, just as he can reject mine.

The usual rules apply: let me know that you want to be on the Zoom call by the close of business Monday, April 11, by sending me an email at .

See you soon.

Arthur Fergenson

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