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Casual Conversation May 16th with Professor Hartov about the Jewish Sound Archive

On Tuesday, May 16 at 5 pm Eastern Time, Thayer Professor Emeritus Alexander Hartov will join us for a Casual Conversation sponsored by the Jewish Culture Group.  Professor Hartov is the co-founder the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive.
Bruce Alpert, chair of the Jewish Culture Group found out about the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive when he received the Dartmouth News email on April 7: 

Casual Conversation with Margaret Talbot on April 30 at 3 pm ET

On Sunday, April 30 at 3 pm Eastern longtime New Yorker staff writer Margaret Talbot will be our guest for a casual conversation that you will not want to miss.  Why?  Because she will be speaking of the history of performing arts in 20th century America through the lens of her father’s life and career.   And she is chronicling the life of a parent.  How will we be seen by those who come after us, how will be judged?  And how will we judge ourselves?
This is how Ms. Talbot puts it in the book she wrote about this subject:

Casual Conversation April 12th with Phil Bush and his guitar

You are invited to join classmate Phil Bush in a lunchtime concert on Zoom on Wednesday, April 12 at 1 pm Eastern Time.   This is the second lunchtime concert, the first being with pianist Sue Leavitt, who played a classical program.  She was terrific and she started what is now officially A TRADITION, one that Phil will now carry forward with guitar held high!
Here is Phil’s intro to his event:

Casual Conversation with Mark Sheetz '69, March 12, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET

Please join us on Sunday, March 12 At 3 pm Eastern Time (US) for a Casual Conversation on Zoom, the topic being President Biden’s foreign policy, with classmate Professor Mark Sheetz '69 as our guest.  If you are viewing this information in the email sent to you, it will not have attached either of the two pdfs authored by Mark that he has offered in connection with the discussion.  IF you want to read his two essays—and neither are in any way required reading for meaningful participation in the Casual Conversation—you have THREE OPTIONS, all three of which

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