The next casual conversation on Zoom, Appreciating Others, led by Dave Agan, will be on Sunday, September 13, 2020, at 3 pm Eastern (US), and will last for approximately two hours.  Dave has provided the description of the session, and it is printed below.  This is the fourth in monthly discussions, following most immediately Arnie Resnicoff’s religion in the military.  The other two were Tex Talmadge’s discussion on mental health and addiction in the time of Covid-19; and Peter Elias’s session on junk science.

If you want to attend, please send an email to or by COB Friday, September 11.  Arthur will send out a Zoom link promptly thereafter.

Thanks, Dave and Arthur



Appreciating others.   In our longish lives, we ‘69s have had plenty of opportunity to grow and change.  While our beliefs or opinions may be strong ones, haven’t we each changed an attitude about a group other than our own?  Races, Genders, Classes, Religions, Ethnic heritage, Immigration status, Red/Blue are some of the differences we recognize. What group have you disliked, distrusted, disregarded, despised, avoided or feared and later come to appreciate? Please bring a story or two from your life to share.  How/why did you develop the negative attitude?  How/why did you change to a more appreciative one?  After informing each other with our stories, let’s converse.  David Agan will lead this month’s Casual Conversation.  David has known and worked with colleagues, patients, clients and students of all ages and many ethnicities in rural and urban settings including newcomers from two dozen different countries.  Like you, he’s had the opportunity to make a change or two along the way.


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