Here is a link to the Vimeo video of the recent (February 23rd) talk about the history of coeducation at Dartmouth, presented by Peter Carini, the College archivist.

Comment by Arthur Fergenson:

If you do watch this, listen carefully and it certainly appears that Archivist Carini twice states that the Pioneering Women first came to Dartmouth with the 70 women who were exchange students in the academic year after we graduated.  That is false, of course.   If you take notes and employ liogic to what he says, you might come up with a different answer iorm, at least, a conviction that he is flat out wrong.  He mentions my name twice as filing an EEOC complaint on behalf of three women, including Nanalee and Lynn, all true, and he states my class, 1969, also true.  But that is cold comfort for those who would loook for fundamental fairness and the barest of accurate history: the adopted women of our Class were the first and the ones who first carried the  moniker of Pioneering Woman.  Also, Carini makes no mention of the scandalous nine-year gap between our unconditional adoptions and those of the other three classes.  I sent Carini an email about both of these issues, and he has yet to respond.  If you want the email I sent to him, let me know.  Arthur Fergenson