50th Reunion

69s Planning to Attend Reunion 50

Here is the list of those who have indicated they are planning to attend. It  will be updated regularly. Use this link to add yourself to the list. Will YOU be number 300?

A viewable and downloadable pdf of the Green Book

If you lost your Green Book, or if you are traveling and didn't bring it with you, you can access it online or download a pdf version.



Reunion 50 Schedule (TENTATIVE)

Tentative schedule for our 50th Reunion (Thursday, June 6th through Tuesday, June 11th). 


Thursday, June 6th:

The ACTUAL Questionnaire

The ACTUAL online questionnaire is hiding behind this link.


Go there and answer the questions before it is too late. 


Or be left out of the book!

Sample questionnaire

Here is a sample of the Questionnaire for the Reunion Book. Feel free to download it and review the questions or make notes for yourself before you start the actual online questionnaire which is HERE.

50th Reunion Book Information

1969 50th Reunion Book: What You Need to Know

Our 50th Reunion Book — at 600+ pages and full color, the most stupendous Class Reunion Book ever — is underway and needs your attention and action.

Our book will have three parts:

Invitation to our 50th

November 2017

Dear ’69 Classmates,

Has your life been lived your way? Triumphs and tragedies? Fortunes and reversals of fortunes? Love found and love lost? What part did serendipity play? Roads taken and not taken? Who or what changed your lives forever? Let’s share our stories.

We can, you know. In 2019, there will occur two momentous and very personal events.


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