2010-2011: Project Right Choice (PRC) $10,000 grant

Founded by Craig Fitzgerald ’11 and Chris Jenny ’11, who both soon enlisted dozens of other Dartmouth students to raise funds for families to stay at Fisher House in Boston to be with their military sons and daughters who were rushed back from war zones to undergo serious surgeries.  Craig, an Air Force Special Forces Pararescue veteran, who himself had extensive reconstructive surgery, realized the importance of family presence at such a time.

The students parlayed the ’69 funds to stage a fundraiser in Alumni Hall, the proceeds of which were used to stage an even larger fundraiser at the Copley Plaza in Boston. They eventually cleared over $100k for the Fisher House Foundation. It should be no surprise that Craig went straight from Dartmouth to Harvard Business School, and Chris picked up a phone and talked himself into a job with Tesla as a lead project engineer