On Saturday evening, April 7, the Class of 1969 hosted 2019/1969 Trivia Night--the fourth event in our Class Connections Program with the ’19s. 

Question Masters Rick Willets and Paul Tuhus thoughtfully had spent a great deal of time developing a varied set of interesting and creative questions about general and Dartmouth trivia that Rick projected onto a large screen.  Rick served as Master of Ceremonies, ably assisted by Paul.  About fifty members of the Class of 2019 attended this event in Collis Common Ground.  Their trivia teams also included Dona Heller, her husband Mike Saphier ’64 and daughter Melissa Saphier ’12, Peter Elias, and David Prentice.  Norman Jacobs, John Leavitt, and Sue Leavitt were the score keepers. 
We thank all those folks for their participation and help in making our First Annual Trivia Night a huge success.  
The '19s were friendly, congenial, and super smart.  They were totally engaged with the trivia activity, and it was obvious that they also enjoyed interacting with our '69 crew and appreciated our efforts in hosting this event.  The whole evening’s experience embodied the essence and goals of the Class Connections Program: fostering inter-class, inter-generational bonds and enhancing a sense of the Dartmouth Community.

This thank-you email below from one of the '19s captures what very apparently was the way the '19s felt about the evening:

Dear Ms. Heller,
I just wanted to thank you for organizing Collis Trivia Night. I had so much fun, not just playing the game, but also getting to interact with the Class of 1969. I can honestly say that yesterday night was one of the most enjoyable Saturday nights I've had at Dartmouth. Thank you for all your hard work, planning, and dedication - I truly appreciate it, and I am sure that everyone else who attended yesterday night feels the same way!
Xxxxxxxxxx xxxx

As they said their good-byes and thank-yous, the ’19s waxed eloquent about what a great time they had and said they already are looking forward to another Trivia Night next year!  The ’69s at this event are highly in favor of that, and Rick and Paul already are thinking up new and tougher trivia questions!

Near the end of the evening, we gave the ’19s a brief overview of our plans for the Class Connections Program during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.  They seemed quite receptive to our proposed agenda, and we encouraged them to give some thought and contact us about any additional topics that they would add to the list.

Check out the photos from this event in the Class of 1969 photo galleries.  

Dona Heller & Norman Jacobs
Your 2019/1969 Class Connections Co-Chairs