Casual Conversation January 9, 2022 with David Abbott

The second half of our mining double bill takes place on Sunday, January 9, 2022, at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time on Zoom.  David Abbott will be sharing his experiences as a geologist in ferreting out fraud in the sale of mining securities.  His description of his talk is below.
This should be a lot of fun, and I encourage all of you to join us.  Please send your RSVP to me by email at and do so by close of business on the Friday before the Casual Conversation, January 7th.

My Favorite  Mining Frauds

Reflections of a former SEC geologist

David Abbott ’69 spent 21 years as a geologist for the Securities and Exchange Commission in Denver and the past 25 as a consulting mining geologist. Various mining frauds, some involving the same property over the years continue to be part of his professional practice. Topics include an explanation of fraud and material omissions, the use of secret processes and "unassayable" precious metals, the dirt pile cases, in the land of Papillon, salting gold samples with buckshot, fiddling with the assay sheet, looking for bodies, "reserves" that were literally clear blue sky, the Glory Hole in Central City, Montana placer gold and saphires, and my ultimate rabbit-out-of-the-hat testimony.