Summary of Class of '69 Donor Acivity 2020-2021

Congratulations to all!  The most recent Dartmouth Alumni Magazine lists the Great Class of 1969 as the recipient of the Charles J. Zimmerman 1923 Award for the “Greatest Improvement in non-reunion donors,” with an increase of 15% of this year over last year.  Not only that, but we achieved our goal of 35% participation, almost entirely due to a surge of donations in the last month of the campaign.  The final numbers came in at $375,344 (15% over goal) and 227 classmates donating.
We submitted our Class Activity Report with the following summary:  "DCF fund raising has been well supported by a substantial group of very consistent and generous classmates. The large fund raising effort of our 50th reunion provided momentum, both in terms of ongoing class awareness and numerous outstanding multiple year pledges, momentum from which we continue to benefit.”  It is especially heartening to see that the fund is supported by so many.
Our numbers for the first three months of the current campaign also reflect this comment.  Fully 65% of this year’s goal of $350,000 (this is the likely goal, but it is not yet cast in concrete)l is already pledged by 50 of our classmates, equalling a pledged and cash total of $228,231.
John and Tom