Casual Conversation October 3 with Paul Tuhus and Andy McLane

Join us for a Casual Conversation on Sunday October 3 at 3 pm Eastern with Paul Tuhus and Andy McLane: The Restoration, Renovation, and Re-Birth of the DOC House, From Conception to Reality

For the first classmate Casual Conversation of the new season, we are fortunate to have the classmates who led the way in bringing to reality the saving of the DOC House from its run-down and unsafe state to a showcase venue for new generations of students, alumni, and the community.  It is fitting that this event takes place the Sunday before Homecoming.  Whether you are able to make Homecoming or not, this will be your chance to have all your questions answered, and be allowed in on the secrets of the road, winding and sometimes tortuous, that these two men, along with the assistance of classmates and friends, traveled to bring this extraordinary project to completion.
Here is Paul’s description of the conversation:

Although by now most classmates are familiar with our 50th Reunion Gift to the College, we’ll retrace the effort to launch the restoration of the DOC House, how it was funded, the construction process, and the furnishing of the building. The House will be dedicated on October 9th of Homecoming weekend. This is really a rededication with the hope that the updated facility will serve the broad Dartmouth community for another 90 years.

If you wish to participate, please send an email to by the close of business on the Friday before, October 1, 2021.




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