Casual Conversation with Dimitri Gerakaris July 17

Our next Casual Conversation on Zoom is July 17th with Dimitri Gerakaris ’69:  the Path Not Taken

Our classmates have taken a very wide array of paths in life, and as divergent as any is Dimitri’s decision to become an “artist-blacksmith”,  living and forging an existence in the remote hills of North Canaan, NH off the original Appalachian Trail beyond the Dartmouth Skiway.
He made this choice during the tumult we all faced upon graduation as an experiment in alternative, creative lifestyles and over 50 years later, the experiment goes on.  Practicing social distancing before it had a name for over half a century, he is still active beyond the the brunt of Covid, and we can check in with him Saturday, July 17 at 3 PM for a rare glimpse of what he has been up to and what he’s now doing.
Please send your RSVP by close of business on Thursday, July 15 to Dimitri at and Arthur Fergenson at .  SPECIAL NOTE:  Yes, this Casual Conversation will take place on SATURDAY, not Sunday.  That is intentional and at Dimitri’s request.  Because of the special nature of this event, we know that you will attend no matter what the date or time.