Upcoming Class activities

Here's a list of upcoming Class activities. Feel free to email me if I am missing something.

  • May 16 at 3 pm Eastern:  Casual conversation with Peter Elias, bystander intervention.   Posted and emailed to Class.
  • May 18 at 5 pm Eastern:  Casual conversation with Dartmouth Professor and Chair of History Department Cecilia Gaposchkin, pioneering scientist grandmother and lessons from the Black Death.  Posted and emailed to Class.  To date, 21 classmates signed up.
  • May 22 at 8 pm Eastern:  Saturday Night at the Movies, Raw Deal.  Posted and emailed to Class.
  • May 25 at 6:00pm Eastern: Wine Tasting wit Allie Nault – Red Wines of Italy.
  • May 30 at 2 pm Eastern:  Conversation with centenarian and Holocaust survivor Rose Mantelmacher, sponsored by Jewish Culture Group.  Posted and emailed to Class.  To date, 17 classmates signed up, plus Dartmouth Professor Susannah Heschel.
  • June 6 at 1 pm Eastern:  Play reading of Fashion by Anna Cora Mowatt, chosen by Nanalee Raphael.  Zoom invite sent to 30 interested individuals.
  • June 13 at 3 pm Eastern:  Casual conversation with Geisel Professor Robert Santulli, M.D., aging.  Recommended by Peter Schaeffer based on Zoom presentation to Choate class.
  • July 18 at 3 pm Eastern:  Casual conversation with Mark Bankoff CANCELED.  Need to substitute.  Can Dmitri take the slot, moving up a month from August?
  • August/September:  Need to slot in Andy and Paul for DOC House Casual Conversation.
  • October 8 & 9, 2021: Homecoming Weekend
  • Spring 2022 (date to be determined) Class of 1969 75th Birthday Party.

Possible items on tap:

  • More faculty for casual conversations.  Varied subject matter expertise to expand group of participating classmates.  Engineering?  Business?  Philosophy?  Literature? Music?
  • More classmates for casual conversations.  Suggestions and volunteers.
  • Brown Professor David I. Kertzer, former Brown Provost and son of Rabbi Morris Kertzer, is willing to speak with the Jewish Culture Group about his Pulitzer Prize-winning The Pope and Mussolini, provided that it is a conversation with people who have read it.  Commitments have been sought with members of the Jewish Culture Group.  Others are welcome.