DOC House project update

Last Friday we were able to stage proposed furnishings at the DOC House in the main lounge and new dining room thanks to efforts by Pompanoosuc Mills and our general contractor. The aim was to see how the individual pieces would fit in the spaces, and consider traffic flow, etc. In addition to myself, the College project manager, and our architect, we were joined by Andy McLane, and Julie and John Mathias who traveled from Chicago to help limn the choices and arrangements. Despite many cooks in the kitchen, we made solid progress and achieved consensus on many things. We still have to evaluate how our decisions match the budget we have.

Hallway from main lounge looking E to new Dining Room and Kitchen. Moldings, flooring, etc. yet to be installed:


New rest room on main level showing wall and floor tile installed:


New Kitchen with washable wall surfaces and quarry tile flooring installed:


Main level porch showing new code compliant railings in place. (Wood railings are temporary.)


Lower level electrical room including control panels for power and fire alarm systems:



Exterior view of new Dining Room looking NW showing (for the careful observer) copper flashing at eaves:


A local nuthatch who has discovered a new opening for an exterior light, and working diligently to homestead therein. The white flakes are bits of foam insulation dislodged in expanding the bird’s new digs. Unfortunately, this avian address will not long endure: