DOC House project update

Temperatures in the mid-40s added to the positive experience of today’s construction meeting at the DOC House. There are a few weeks when nothing dramatic presents, and then we have days like this when the vision of the final product starts to come into focus. Here are a few glimpses of the progress.

Forgive my enthusiasm today, but so many things signaled a vision of the finished product. We are on schedule, but barely so, with glitches in supply chains as you’ve likely heard about in the news. Similarly, we are tight on our budget, but hope to cross the finish line without having to resort to last minute compromises.

We should be celebrating here for Homecoming ‘21, official or self-proclaimed.

Paul K. Tuhus


(Webmaster's note: see the full gallery of DOC House renovation photos here, most with explanatory captions.


Bay window
Sheet rock
Dining room dry wall
Front porch
Bay window
Hall to downstairs bathrooms
Handicap ramp
Constrution detail
Custom milling
Shingling begins