Religion in the military: a casual conversation led by Arnie Resnicoff. Sunday, August 16 at 3 pm Eastern (US).  This is the third in a series of monthly Zoom events drawing on the backgrounds and expertise of our colleagues.  The first was hosted by Tex Talmadge on mental health and addiction issues.  Peter Elias led the second casual conversation focusing on junk science.  If you want to participate, please send an email or to .  A description of the event follows:


A conversation combining history and policy with personal stories and and experiences to provide a glimpse into the role of the chaplain and the challenges and opportunities facing US military personnel who want to be loyal to their faith at the same time they are serving their country. Arnie went from Dartmouth NROTC to the rivers of Vietnam, where a Christian chaplain deputized him to help with the needs of Jewish personnel in the Mekong Delta -- and ultimately convinced him to become a rabbi. After Vietnam, and then service with Naval Intelligence in Europe, he left the Navy to study in rabbinical school, then return to the military as a Jewish chaplain for another 25 years, culminating as Command Chaplain for the U.S. European command, the "top chaplain" for personnel of all faiths in all US military forces in all of Europe and most of Africa.  Arnie promises some good stories to show the progress of  what is now called "religious accommodation" in the US military.



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