Announcing MOVIE NIGHT

After a successful test run with Allen Denison (who brought along a bowl of popcorn to eat with his wife), Nanalee Raphael, Sandy Rode, and Arthur Fergenson, we are announcing our second Saturday Night at the Movies.  The first movie was In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, and directed by Nicholas Ray.  There is a real time chat function that we each used to comment, including a discussion of the movie after it was over.
The second movie is set for Saturday night, February 27 at 8 pm.  The movie is The Set-Up (1949), starring Robert Ryan, Dartmouth graduate and College boxing champion.  Audrey Totter plays the female lead.  Robert Wise directs.  Wise may be best known for directing The Sound of Music and West Side Story, but he had a stellar career that spanned not only decades but genres.  In fact, he got his start as a film editor, in which capacity he worked on Citizen Kane.  His first directing assignment came from the famous RKO producer Val Lewton: The Body Snatcher.  Wise followed that up with the stunning noir Born to Kill, as far from The Sound of Music as a person can travel.  Don’t watch the two movies together: it might give a permanent case of vertigo.
The Set-Up has been chosen for several reasons: it is a superb boxing movie with a compelling story line, beautifully directed, filmed and edited, and acted.  Ryan provides a Dartmouth and boxing connection.  It is also short:  only 1 hour and 12 minutes.  Further, it is one of the few movies to observe the unity of time.  The movie opens on a street clock and ends on the same clock 72 minutes later.  (Another movie that follows a strict unity of time and a strict unities of place and action is Hitchcock’s Rope which was filmed so as to appear to be a single continuous shot.  High Noon with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly comes close to a unity of time.)  Finally, it is high quality film that most people are likely not to have seen.
The fine print:  We are using the Watch Party function (in Beta release) on Amazon Prime.  You must be a member of Amazon Prime to participate.  In order to join a Watch Party, you have to use a lap top or desk top computer.  No smart phones or smart TVs will work.  And Safari cannot be used as the browser.  International users cannot participate.  The creator of the Watch Party is given a link, which he or she sends to guests.  Each guest must then log on to Amazon Prime and will then be connected with the Watch Party.  Some movies are free but The Set-Up is not.  Each member will be charged $1.99 to rent or $5.99 to buy the movie.  The creator controls the progress of the movie: start, pause, fast forward, reverse.  Each guest controls his or her own volume and subtitles.  Please read the FAQs at the Watch Party site on Amazon Prime.  There is a chat function for commenting during and after the movie.
What to do now (through Friday, February 26):  If you want to join on us on Saturday, February 27 at 8 pm, please send an email RSVPing to Arthur (who will create the Watch Party) at before close of business on Friday, February 26.  About an hour or two before the movie begins, Arthur will send you a link.  Sign on and join.  At show time, the movie will begin.  Watch Party accommodates up to 100 guests, so don’t be shy.
Nanalee, Allen, Peter, and Arthur have already signed up.  BE THERE FOR THE CLASS AND FOR FELLOW ALUM ROBERT RYAN.