DOC House project update

Another exciting update from Paul Tuhus:

On Thursday, Jason Rouillard from the College, architect Will Mudge, and Andy McLane joined me for a two hour plus visit with Dwight Sargent ‘72 at Pompanoosuc Mills. Dwight founded “Pompy” while at Tuck, and has built a company widely regarded for high quality handcrafted furniture. He has supplied the Hanover Inn, Dartmouth’s Office of the President, Kendal at Hanover, and numerous other local enterprises as well as homeowners throughout the northeast directly and via several of his own retail stores.

Our goal was to gather ideas for what might be possible in furnishing the DOC House in terms of styles, as well as attempting to get a feel for what our budget will allow. Pompy’s list prices are high, but we expect a significant discount from Dwight. 
I’ll post other news as it develops. The progress is exciting. 
Some photos below.
Delivering drywall
Delivering shingles
Installing chimney cap
Exciting progres