Invitation to Minyan69

Several of us have discussed the establishment of a new Zoom group, OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED, with the topic of Jewish Culture, named Minyan69.


It will be a friendly chat site open to discussion of anything and everything, especially sharing of joyous family occasions, like Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Bris, Grandchildren, nachas and tsuris. I do not think there will be prayers, except to encourage the grandchildren to choose Dartmouth over Harvard or Yale. Other topics could include where to get the best corned beef, pastrami, and matzo ball recipes, visits to historic sites all over the world, like Israel, Concentration Camps, etc.


Please reply to Bruce Alpert or by phone (901-229-3719 cell) if you are interested.


Depending on people’s schedules we will “meet” maybe every month……………


Bruce Alpert