Reunion thoughts from Dick Jenson

Hey, Tex,

A couple of things occurred to me, post reunion:

1. One of our adopted female classmates used the word “camaraderie” to describe the ambient attitude she (we) was (were) feeling throughout the weekend. I couldn’t agree more. What struck me was the degree to which our classmates appeared to be comfortable in their own skins. There seemed to be no attempts to “out-something” one another, just an interpersonal openness that both impressed and pleased me. Surely many of us had reached enviable levels of success in various areas (family, status, wealth) but none of that seemed evident. Just a brotherhood of having passed through a significant life experience together.


2. I wonder about whether or not our brotherhood camaraderie at our 50-th would appear in equal strength in 2026 when the (first coed) class of 1976 attend their 50-th reunion. Are we woven more tightly together in this way because of the unisex nature of our class, or will the ‘76ers duplicate the feelings that felt so special to me?

Thanks for taking the time and effort to collect thoughts like mine. I’m sorry that you and I didn’t have an opportunity to reconnect in Hanover. Your contributions to the list are engaging.

Richard (Dick) Jenson