Below are links to two 'teaser' videos related to a project documenting Dartmouth's addition of women to the undergraduate community.

Teaser for the documentary.

Teaser with comments from current women undergrads.

(Editor's note: The documentary by Bill Aydelott '71 is about the 'first four years of women students at Dartmouth (1968-1972)' in the lead-up to admitting the first four-year co-education class in the fall of 1972. It is titled Early Dartmouth Women Documentary (1968-1972). Despite repeated conversations, neither the title nor the content of the documentary and related promotional materials have been altered to include the important and ground-breaking role of our own Dona Heller, who took classes during the 1964-65 academic year and participated doing independent study during 1968-69, and thus clearly predated the Pioneering Nine who joined us during our senior year.)