A comment on Reunion from John Segelbaum

John writes:

"A belated shout out to the organizers and classmates who made the 50th a successful reunion beyond all expectations.  My wife, Judith, came away stunned by the beauty of Dartmouth and Hanover, not just the rich traditions and academics, the fantastic Hood (she is an artist)  the sense of an evolving and growing institution but what she calls the group of maverick geniuses with whom  I was privileged (but not deserving) to associate.  She was moved by the heartfelt emotion of the Rollins memorial and Sunday's commencement ceremony, particularly the opening statements by Native American students (Judith is part Aleutiiq) and the brilliant address by Yo Yo Ma (and cello performance). Her greatest surprise was the story of the pioneer women, an appropriate counterpoint to the sophomoric tales of Animal House antics that I have have bored her with over the decades.  I have long ago learned to listen and learn from her perceptive eyes. When we left Hanover for Boston on Sunday after commencement, I felt the same bittersweet emotion that I recall from 50 years ago, driving away from Hanover, heading to Pensacola.  Thank you Dartmouth!"