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Kempe Aegis

We do not have a published obituary, but he has a Wall of Honor profile in the National Air and Space Museum in Washing, DC.


* Born 20 September 1947 in Orange, VA.
* ROTC Dartmouth College.
* Trained as navigator in Pensacola, FL.

Stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga in 1972. Flew 300 combat missions as navigator in the F-4. He and his commanding officer led a raid on Haiphong. He volunteered for numerous spotter patrols over Vietnam for which he received ten medals. On returning to the States he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses.

He was trained and hired as a pilot by American Airlines. At the same time he was active in the Air National Guard in Texas. He was a Master Pilot and a Major in the USAF. On a low bombing run in Arizona in his F-16 his plane appeared to malfunction and he lost his life on 20 February 1988. His happiest day was when he got the F-16 with his name on it. Flying was his first love.

Freshman dorm
Fayerweather Hall



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