Reservations at Ravine Lodge for pre-Reunion

Reservations for Mt. Moosilauke Thursday Night Dinner and overnight at Ravine Lodge are a totally separate procedure from Reunion reservations. The way to reserve a spot in these activities is to use the online form provided in the first paragraph of the Ravine Lodge web page.
You can also call the on-campus phone 603-646-6543 staffed by student "Chachi" if she's in. If she is not in,  leave her a message. She advises that using the online form is best. 
Dinner is $16.00 per person and an overnight cabin bed is $30.00 per person. The closest cabin to the Lodge is the '65 cabin with a lighted walkway to the Lodge (and its bathrooms). The other cabins have outside "compost toilets." You can pay in advance with a credit card or send a check.
Starting April 1 you will be able to call and make reservations at the Ravine Lodge number 603-764-5858. Capacity for overnight stays is 110 people. There is probably no limit just for dinner.



The Lodge’s guest rooms and the outlying bunkhouses can sleep groups from two to twelve. It is recommended that guests bring a sleeping bag for overnight stays. Pillows and pillowcases are provided, while linens, blankets, and sleeping bags are available for rent from the front desk. Showers and toilets are in the main building. All of the bunkhouses, with the exception of '74, are heated by wood stoves and have a set of compost toilets nearby. 


I seem to remember seeing something on our class website about a bus for people who wanted to go to the Ravine Lodge just for the dinner on June 6th (and not stay overnight).  Now I can't find it, and I'm wondering whether it's true.  Can you let me know?



As far as I know, there is no bus planed to Ravine Lodge for dinner. I've asked Rick Willets for confirmation and will post what I hear back.