The following is a report from John Myers:

To the Class of ’69 50th Reunion Giving Committee:

Congratulations to all for a hugely successful 50th Reunion Dartmouth College Fund campaign.  The DCF office closed the books on the campaign yesterday and provided us with these superb results for our class:
  • Total dollars raised of $3,158,969, representing 105% of our ambitious goal of $3,000,000.  This places us among the top four 50th reunion classes in the history of the college.

  • Participation rate of 47.2%, a higher rate than the 45th (44%) or 40th (46%) Reunion.  Leading the way were fraternity members, achieving 52.6% participation, thanks to Bill Stableford and his team of fraternity solicitors.

In the meantime the college overall reached 86% of its dollar goal and 41% participation.
Thanks for a mighty effort over a long period time, and for the great generosity with donations, time, and effort of all members of our committee.  Our group’s strength was found in the complementary and diverse skills of each individual.  We made a great team.
We had a great campaign and a great reunion.  Well done to all.