Possible schedule for emails in march

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Possible schedule for emails in march

This is a very tentative timeline:


  1. Weekend of March 9-11: short email raising awareness (foreshadowing) and listing the kinds of contributions we will be seeking from classmates. (Among other things, this will give us a snapshot of how many viable email addresses we have in iModules.)
  2. Weekend of March 16th: Questionnaire launch (~ 1 week after initial foreshadwing email)
    • Email:
      • Detailed instructions on how to do the questionnaire.
      • Link to online questionnaire.
      • Link to 'sample-ballot' version for those who want to read and think.
    • Postal mail: 
      • To those with no known valid email address
      • Same detailed instruction
      • Link to online questionnaire and 'sample-ballot' questionnaire
    • Second postal mail
      • To thos who we thought had a valid email address, but we get a bounce on the iModules message.
  3. Last week of March: Letter to selected classmates soliciting donations to...
    • Support cost of book
    • Defray reunion fees across the board
    • Financial aid for classmates who otherwise would not be able to attend.


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Possible Schedule

Yes, this is spot on, Peter. Thanks. I imagine you can use iModules to dress up the messages with the Reunion seal and be sure we have active links to names of key Reunion and Book personnel and their email addresses for questions. 

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First emailing

Peter - The proposed 3/10 weekend mail date for the first Reunion and Book mailing has passed. What do you need from me and David to get it out? Or should I be sorting through my Spam and other sub-folders?

What should I send?

If we agreed upon the content of the short emailing, I have forgotten and lost my copy. Entirely possible, because the last 10 days have been pretty crazy on my end. Our bystander intervention training program launched last week, and I am on the steering committee and a certified instructor (did two presentations/workshops)...

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Short Emailing in GoogleDocs

The copy is set to go, I think. You provided some nice imporvements to it as it was shared on GoogleDocs. Here is the direct link, and I think we could get it out with the Reunuon seal as soon as you find the time:


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