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Draft Questionnaire as of Jan 12

David and Peter,

The Q is just about done. What we three need to determine now is if we want this to go through Survey Monkey in its entirety (lots of instructions, especialy at the end for the essay and the photos) or to send out an email containing the instructions but with a link to the Q on the Survey Monkey web site. I'm inclinded to employ the latter plan. Peter should take a close look at what we've reached on the Q's development and see which plan suits the requirements and capabilities of the Survey Monkey platform. Once we put the Q into it, we should Beta-test it with some volunteers.

Testing the Q

It seems to me we:

  • Create the Q in its finished form, or as close as possible, on the SM site. This includes whatever instructions are supposed to be part of the Q about doing the Q.
  • Send an email to the testing group with both a link to the Q and with instructions on what to do.
  • The instructions on the Q will only be visible at the time and only need to relate to filling out the Q. Other stuff is extra.
  • The instructions in the email need to cover the full process: Q, then later essay and photo.


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Questionnaire Beta

Peter, I spoke with David this morning. We feel the Questionnaire and it's instructions are ready for putting into Survey Monkey for testing with volunteers. Yes, we need to agree on how to best deliver additional instructions for submission of photos, completing a bio-essay, and volunteering to compose a more reflective essay for the 3rd section of the book. Can our email be sent with a file attachment that shows the Questionnaire, all instructions, and whatever else we deem appropriate for our 50th Reunion? That is, whatever we decide to put into a Word file can be printed out and send to those for whom we don't have email addresses, as we alls be saved as a reference document for classmates who do have email. Shall we discuss?

I don't understand the Word file reference

I don't understand what you are asking. I've tried to break it down into five separate pieces for clarity.

  1. One piece seems to be that it is time to take the current Q version and turn it into a Survey Monkey questionnaire for testing with volunteers. That part seems clear. Assuming I understand this correctly, I will begin that.
  2. Then comes the bit about sending an email with an attachment. I thought the email was to contain the instructions and a link to access the survey, but not a printable version of the survey for them to answer and submit.
  3. It would be reasonable and I think straightforward to have a viewable or printable version of the survey accessible through the website because some folks with OCD may want to review it before starting the survey.
  4. Yes, SurveyMonkey can generate a printable version of the survey (pdf, I think, but I'd have to go back and check - my testing was a while ago and I don't remember) that we could print and send to those with no email addresses.
  5. Whatever we send, I will attempt to provide a 'source of truth' for instructions on the website.


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Important Clarifications on the Q, instructions, etc

OK, great chat with Peter to help us square away our Q testing and dissemination process:

Our latest interation of the Questionnaire with its headings and instructions weill be put into Survey Monkey by Peter over the weekend. This digital document resides on the SM server. We don't push out the Q ourselves; we send out an email with a link to it. 

We will line up some volunteers, from our ExecCom and our Reunion Book Committee, to try out the Questionnaire and provide their feedback. To do this, we will be sending them an email and a link to the SM site that holds our Q. This is the way it needs to work for most classmates. We shoud be able to provide an attachment to our email that holds a WORD or PDF version of the Q as a means of allowing folks to review the questions and think about their answers. We can also construct additional instructions about submitting photos to be used, essays to be contributed, and anything else. 

Peter makes the good point that any Reunion instructions and any document can be given a home location on the website, too, for review and (I hope) downloading. We can think about using this utility to hold examples of what we are seeking for The Book (e.g., good photo - bad photo, bio-essays from past books, featured articles from other reunion books, etc). 

Anything we send out digitally or store as documents on the website can also be printed and mailed to those classmates without a known email or perhaps any classmate who asks.

What are the flaws and confusion with this plan and its points?

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