Testing formatting of subscription emails

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Testing formatting of subscription emails

The subscription system was working fine - sending an email to notify users (who had logged in and subscribed) an email notifying them of new content.  However, the emails were 'messy' and full of html coding.

I think they wll now arrive properly formatted. This is a test of that formatting.





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David L. Prentice
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I typed the following into a Reply to the email informing me of your post (above). (I did not send the email.) Would it have ended up in here? I will try that. Meanwhile, here is what I wrote:


Cool. Nice job. You do good work. 

Personally, I would delete the availability of underline anywhere. If typewriters had been smarter, they would have gone straight to bold or italic as a way to add emphasis. 

Much more elegant. 


PS: I just learned you can't type in an emoji. Good to know! 

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