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Sample Pages

David has created a number of representative pages to show the layout of several sections of the book. You may request to see them and the iterations that will follow. He has shown the bio section and the featured essay sections. To come are sample pages of the first section that will be largely graphic images of our undergrad years, interspersed with headlines, quotes, trivia ("Fun Facts") and other short text boxes. Additionally, he is spearheading a "Class History" narrative, laying out a draft and calling on selected others to add to it. It will be really cool. 

David L. Prentice
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Thanks, Dud. It's still evolving, folks, but we are getting there. It's always a job to debug a layout, to come up with possible challenges and situations and figure out how to deal with them in a consistent manner. Maybe I overthink these things, but it's worked for 25 books.


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