Invitation to our 50th

November 2017

Dear ’69 Classmates,

Has your life been lived your way? Triumphs and tragedies? Fortunes and reversals of fortunes? Love found and love lost? What part did serendipity play? Roads taken and not taken? Who or what changed your lives forever? Let’s share our stories.

We can, you know. In 2019, there will occur two momentous and very personal events.

First, June 7-11, 2019 the Dartmouth Class of 1969 will convene over five late-spring days on our Alma Mater’s magnificent campus. Old memories and emotions will stir, but, much more importantly, we will be catching up on what has happened to us in those intervening 50 years since graduation. The 50th is the ultimate in reunions, enhanced, as is our great fortune, to fall also during the College’s 250th anniversary. You should be there. Plan and commit to be there! (See the full schedule for pre and post reunion events.)

Secondly, whether you attend or (unfortunately) not, The Class of 1969’s 50th Reunion Book will record our stories and be published March 2019. You will write it. You will read it. You and your family will treasure it. Please do your part and contribute to it. We are budgeting for 600 full color pages on high quality paper to record your words and images. This remembrance and update by and for the Class of 1969 will be remarkable in every respect… if you contribute. If you wish to contribute photographs, surviving undergrad documents, or an essay to the Reunion Book, please contact Dudley Kay or David Prentice. Details for your bio update and contribution will reach you early next year.

Regrets, you have a few? Of course. All of us do. Skipping our 50th Reunion and withholding your 50-year update should not be one of them! David Prentice, editor of 24 Dartmouth class reunion books, has heard this story of non-contributing regret countless times.

REQUESTED ACTION:  Please give the Reunion Committee an early indication of your intentions to attend. Return the enclosed reply card, send an email to Rick Willets saying if you are sure to attend, might be attending, or will not be attending, or - most simply - ****click here to use the online form on this site****!

MOST IMPORTANT:  Do we have your best email address? Most 50th Reunion notices and updates will be sent by email, so let’s be sure we have yours. We welcome your suggestions and questions.

We hope to see you there,

The Dartmouth Class of 1969
50th Reunion Committee and Book Editors

Check the Reunion Home page for updated information about Reunion plans.


Many thanks to our Webmaster, Peter Elias, for creating this powerful vehicle for reassembling our Class of 1969 in June of 2019.  Let's use it together to locate and reach out to every one of our classmates to encourage attendance. It's been a lifetime, and we have a lot of stories to tell.

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