Collecting snippets for the book

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Collecting snippets for the book

At our Homecoming 2017 meeting of folks working on The Book, it was suggested we start a file of 'snippets' that might be used in the book, including:

  • phrases common on campus during our era
  • clever or pithy quotes that might resonate with 69s.
  • lines or phrases from songs or the news of our era.

This thread is a place to add your contributions. Go for it.

Here's a few snippets

Here are some that came to mind while driving home from Homecoming:

  • Move on over or we'll move on over you. (Stolen from the civil rights movement by the anti-war movement)
  • If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
  • Never trust anyone over thirty.
  • What a bummer.
  • In loco parentis and Dad Thad, an ironic combo.
  • Pulling an all-nighter.
  • Cherry and choice as words of praise
  • Scarf up a meal
  • Rip off something
  • Power to the people
  • Lay it on me
  • Sock it to me 
  • Groovy, outasight
  • Stoked
  • Padiddle (car with one headlight out)
  • Jesus boots (sandals)
  • Horn for telephone (get him on the horn)
  • Born to be free
  • Make love, not war (fuck, don't fight)
  • Don't let the man keep you down
  • Drop acid, not bombs
  • I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours
  • Follow your bliss (Joseph Campbell)
  • Grotee (? groatie) for gross or grotesque
  • You're either on the bus or off the bus (Ken Kesey)
  • Right on, man
  • Chinese fire drill
  • Wedgie and wet willie
  • Submarine races
  • Burn rubber, pull a brody (using a brody knob)
  • Booking for studying.
  • Don't bogart that (fill in the blank)
  • Road trip


David L. Prentice
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Comments on snippets

I think it's "groaty." Looks more like an adjective. 

Heavy booking = booking teats

Flick out, za out


For specials, come to Edith's Cut-Rate

Hop Rat

Never heard of brody nor a brody knob

Creeping weenie


Wich man

Courses: God, Rocks, Cowboys and Indians (=History of the American West), Nuts and Sluts (Psych 21, Abnormal), Stars, Maps—for Geography?,


Pro out

Plu' (pronounced "ploo") for C-Plus, a "mine" for a C-Minus

Crooker fuck (when the Dean of Housing gives you a crappy room — or was it when you find a way to beat the housing rules? Not sure)

"Go, Nads" (Motto of New Hampshire Hall, "Nads" publicly rationalized by the D as an acronym for "New at Dartmouths"), also the infamous Peter Meter

"Tube" — a participant at WDCR; were Daily D folks called Scribes?


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Jargon and Phrases

Hey, Pencil Neck

You pencil-necked geek!

Sociologically speaking, spoken most often by the classic Dartmouth mesomorph to the creeping weenie ectomorph.

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Hey, I got the email. I guess

Hey, I got the email. I guess I seen one of those earlier. Anyway, it tells me things are moving, but there are lots of Book People who have not bothered to try this out. Stop being wimps. Go try the damn thing. It ain’t difficult. Hardest part is your username and password, and you can check w Peter on that, eh? 


Fish anyone

I do not know how many times there was a knock on the door about 6:45 PM with someone saying "Are you fished for a movie?" At $0.85 for the movie and $0.15 for popcorn, who could resist?

David L. Prentice
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Aggregating all these thoughts

I have just posted a reply about The Questionnaire in that part of the forum, and at the end of it, I queried Peter on whether the Q might be best discussed and edited in some form like Google Docs, which I think is designed for that kind of collaboration. 

So I am wondering if, instead of people just popping up with another idea or three, we simply put up a doc that everyone can edit and comment as we proceed. That would save having to copy and paste the contents of all of these emails into a single Word (etc) doc. 


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