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Draft Questionnaire

Here is our working draft of the classmate questionnaire as of 10/4/2017:


Name: First, Middle Initial, Last, Nickname(s)

Address: Street, City, State, Zip (country if not USA)

Phone(s), email address

High School: Name, city, state

[Photo from Aegis, Green Book or submission]


Post Graduation:

Draft number? Were you drafted? Other comment?

Further Education: degree, subject, institution

Occupation(s): Title, company, location (city, state)


Family and Roots:

Birth city:


Education and Occupation(s):

Children: names, birth years, and occupations.

[Do we want children’s college, occupation?]

[Do we want grandchildren names and birth year?]

Undergrad Years

Dartmouth Major:

What were your most significant Dartmouth activities?

Most memorable courses? Comment

Favorites professor(s) and their department(s)

What was your most embarrassing undergrad moment?

Do you recall a “Eureka!-like” moment  - a lesson learned - you can share?

Best undergrad memory(ies):

Worst memories?

What do you miss the most and least about those four years?


Life today:

[Current photo(s) in a casual setting: family, hobby, hanging out, etc. No sunglasses!]

Current interests:

Favorite song lyric, quote, or aphorism that resonates with you now:

[To be submitted independently later] Your story: (whatever you want to tell your classmates about the intervening years, what you have done, what you have learned or reflect on, happiest or saddest moments, passions, etc. This is your space. Fill it as you see fit.

And here is the DropBox link to it as a Word file:





Questions and comments
  • Did you volunteer for military service might be a good question along with asking about draft status.
  • ROTC?
  • Children and grandchildren questions should be optional.
  • We should make sure people can see the questions in advance, if possible, like looking at a sample ballot.
  • I assume the Dropbox link at the bottom is for our use, not part of the questionnaire for classmates...?


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Right, DropBox is For Your

Right, DropBox is For Your Eyes Only. 

It's a good idea to show the data fileds/questions in advance. Yu are in the best position to know how many of our Clasmates have valid emails and how many have none that we are aware of. There has to be an alternative or two to Survey Monkey for responses. 

Time for SurveyMonkey test?

Is it time for me to create a SurveyMonkey questionnaire and subject it to the following series of tests?

  1. The Book group. Get feedback and adjust survey.
  2. The Executive Committee. Get feedback and adjust survey.
  3. The Book group. Get feedback. Adjust Survey. Deploy.
David L. Prentice
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Test Questionnaire

Crap, I've done it again. Lost my whole comment with an errant slip of my Trackpad hand. Rats. 

So I will try to dictate this time–And here we go!

Peter, were you going to do this Test questionnaire? I had thought that I would, But I have not gotten to it as I have been tied up with variousLocal/municipal stuff since I got home. If you want to do it,That is fine with me.

I see that the dictation function on the Mac Reacts with a capital letter at the start of every Statement I make after a pause, however small.

I do want to go back and dig out The older Questionnaire That I had developed some time ago. I would like to Review That formAnd see if there is anything in thereThat I think should be incorporated into the draft that Dudley showed at our meeting. That, of course,Has no influence on the test questionnaire. 

Thank you,


Thanks for the reminder. I

Thanks for the reminder. I had not added this to my list of To Do tasks, but I believe we had agreed that we would do a test questionnaire among ourselves on The Book Committee.

Which raises the following questions:

  • Do we do a truncated questionnaire just to test the tool?
  • Do we do a reasonable facsimile of the planned questionnaire and use this as an opportunity to work on the questions and skip logic, etc?

The first is quicker, obviously, but means we may be asking The Committee to do a series of questionnaires. Not sure that will work out well.

The second will take (a good deal) longer.


David L. Prentice
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Test Q

We can just send a few questions to yourself, Dud, Henry, and me. Some short-answer and some requiring some typing-in of responses.

will add more when not on iPad. 



I have revised the survey

I have revised the survey based on the feedback the two of you gave me:

  • I removed a couple things (DOB, draft number)
  • I combined a couple things (address in one box)
  • I tweaked some wording and fixed a couple typos
  • I removed the page titles but added page numbers.


Other changes:

  • I added a ‘thank you’ page at the end.
  • I verified that one can leave the survey and return (with the same browser on the same computer) to continue. Easy-peasy. If people return with a different computer or a different browser, the survey thinks they are a new and different respondent and they will start from the beginning with a totally new slate. I’m sure that will happen and we will have to figure it out.
  • It is set so that if one clicks ‘done’ at the very end, one cannot return and change answers.  I can toggle that to allow people to return even if they have clicked ‘done’ and I think we should allow that. People will surely click done and not understand. The problem, of course, is that at some point the answers need to be fixed.


Other issues:

  • I cannot yet find a way to remove the ‘OK’  box. 
  • I can make it password protected - but I see no need at this point and it would add a barrier.
  • I think it would make sense to have a pdf of the questions as an attachment to the email we send out alerting people (and posted on the website) BEFORE we have Survey Monkey send the email invitation. This allows people to think about it in advance. It would also let people print it out and answer that way - though that forces us to manually enter the data.


OK, and I guess from the emails this morning that I am not working with the current version of questions. ARRRRGGGHHH!  That is why I hate working on teams that collaborate in fucking secret with emails and passing word documents back and forth.  That is why I want to do this work in a transparent and accessible setting. And yes, this pisses me off. I have too many other things to do to be inefficient about something like this.


Going forward, do not expect emails from me about this. Full. Stop.




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Length of Survey Issue

With the time that we have, consider the possibility of dividing the survey into two cycles. First, we send out the easy-peasy data collection of data collection. Besides making response time and effort shorter, we get a sense of who is paying attention or awakened to what is going on regarding The Book and attending Reunion. In fact, we could add the ever-appropriate question of "Are you planning to attend our 50th Reunion? Following this first round, we would then send out the questions that require a bit of thought and actual sentences! Before dismissing the idea out of hand, please give it 24 hours of processing. One thing about marketing (and advertising) that is (perhaps annoyingly) true is that repetition works. In this case, I'm posing cycles of responses along our timeline.

Splitting the survey into parts

That's an interesting idea - splitting the survey into parts:

  • Short basic piece for demographics and expression of intent; and
  • Subsequent longer piece(s) for more complex information.

Building and deploying two smaller surveys is not significantly more work than one larger survey. Perhaps a bit more effort involved in sending out emails explaining what we are doing if we divide it up, but that doesn't strike me as a problem.

I can't speak to whether 2 small versus 1 large survey works better in terms of quality of responses. David might have an opinion.

Do we have a target date for sending out a first survey?

checking in

Yreka!  I have found it, and I guess that I've figured out how to use it.  The survey looks like a good effort to get everyone to at least participate and share information.  One other type of survey is the general statistical survey like the ones in several newsletters (How many lawyers?  Political leanings now and then.  Age of oldest child...) and I have most of those.  For other questions, Frank Anton '71 or '72 or so, seems to be the survey king of his class.  Are we compiling or just doing individual entries?  I'll bookmark this site so that I can find it again.  How do I post?

How do I post?

How do you post what?

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Allen is in!

Welcome to the Book Forum, Allen. Yeah, posting seems a bit tricky, like if one needs to fill in a subject line when merely replying to another, as I am doing here. Know that The Book survey is to be distinct from the sort of Class Survey that David and Rick have done in the past to gather fun stats and preferences, so we want to steer clear of those sort of questions. 

I get an email?

I have to admit that I check my email a lot more than I check this website to see if something is on it, so that's handy, although the email is pretty cryptic.  I appreciate the link since I have trouble finding this through the website.  I figured out how to post, but you knew that.

David L. Prentice
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To Allen, but with thoughts for All:

Note that there is a way to "subscribe" to the various individual Forums or threads. It's sort of subtle, and it appears to me that you have to subscribe manually to each thread (this is the Draft Q Topic thread within the total "The Questionnaire" forum within the total "The Book" section.

I'd like to see us all automatically subscribed to anything that falls within that section, though once we really get going I guess that will be really onerous.  

I'd also like to see a Search capability within our The Book section or even within its individual Forums or Topics. I see a search box, but it indicates that it is for the Site. 


David L. Prentice
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Getting back into this

I need to learn to check the Forum more often. Sigh. Sorry, gang.

The preceding few posts are all new to me. 

Some observations. 

1. Let's standardize our terminology. The term for what we use to get bio and personal info for the Book is, for better or worse, the Questionnaire. Anything else that is done, like for statistics and numbers and comparative data, is properly a Survey, or whatever else one wants to call it. They are separate and serve very different purposes. 
So for the Book content, we are talking here about our Questionnaire, the Q part of QEP, which stands for the three elements we need from everyone: their Questionnaire, their Essay, and their Picture(s). There is not much in the Q that qualifies as a "survey," as virtually everything is a fill-in-the-blank question and not items that can be tallied meaningfully. 

If someone is doing a Survey, that's great, and its results can go into a Feature article in the Book. That would be great.

If Rick (or anyone) is doing such a survey, I would like to talk to him about adding some questions that I included in the "survey" I did for our 20th Reunion. I have just put it up in the Dropbox. Some of the responses would be great fun to compare 30 years later. 

2. I really need to mull over this two-pronged approach to getting the questionnaire completed. In 25 books, no one has done this, and everyone has been happy with the results. I think there's a risk of attrition ("I did that already") after people who did the first one are told about the second, and also among people who do the second part but not the first (same comment). People are not sitting around thinking about these things. The operative strategy has always been to get them to open up and complete the Q in the first place. That's hard enough, so at first thought, I think that asking them to open up a Q twice is just going to be that much more difficult. I will ponder, though. 

3. I had worked off-group just with Dudley to get a new version of the Q out on the table before we spring it on everyone. He is still reviewing it, I guess, but I should put it up here for all of us. But first I will ask Peter what's a good way to have everyone comment on it right in the doc. Is this something where Google Docs would help? I have no experience with that, but I believe that it's a way for a group to collaborate on a doc. 


Google docs trial underway. See next comment. 


Hope I am helping here.


David L. Prentice
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Google Docs Trial

I don't need Peter! I just went and set up my own Google Doc. This is exactly what I was thinking of. 



Anyone with this link can access it. Click on it, open it up, mess around with it as I suggested, and let's see what transpires. This is awesome. 


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