On Tuesday, May 3 at 5 pm Eastern Time (US), our classmate Steve Adams will present a detailed examination of the political economy of Greenland.  Oops.  No. He promises to provide a funny and rollicking session about . . . well, read below.  Juicy stories about Hollywood are always welcome.  So, read his book, post four-star reviews on Amazon.com no matter what you think (four-stars are the most trusted according to the latest scientific research--really!) and join Steve on May 3.  By that time you will have recovered from your celebration of May Day: marching in red banner parades, or dancing around a maypole, or giving a public recitation of Holmes and Brandeis for Law Day.

Fun is promised for all.  And, contrary to Steve's statement, if we don't, blame Bill Stableford who brought Steve to us.

If you want to join us--and make Steve very happy--let me know by close of business on Friday, April 29: arthur.fergenson@ansalaw.com.


Dear Classmates, A new book of mine has recently been published by Seven Stories Press.  It's called What's What and What To Do About It.

It's a wild mongrel of a little book. It's meant to be both funny and thought-provoking. It pretends to be an advice book that answers questions from readers to an advice columnist named Waldo Mellon. Waldo Mellon is me. I am also the writer of the letters to me, Waldo Mellon. That is, in a hopefully entertaining way, I get to unload my thoughts about things both frivolous and important that I consider to be true. It even comes with illustrations that appear to be done by an eight year old. Makes you want to dash right out and buy it, yes? I wish you would because I am proud of it. I would love our Casual Conversation to include your blunt assessment of this experiment. It was written out of disappointment and fatigue from forty years of writing screenplays in Hollywood, which I'm hoping we will get into.

If we don't have fun, blame Arthur.  

Steve Adams

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