As part of their Fiftieth Reunion activities, some classmates will enjoy ‘pre-Reunion’ hiking in the Hanover area. There are many options. Some are listed below, starting with some easy and small excursions and ending with Moosilauke and the Ravine Lodge. The Class is not organizing pre-Reunion hikes, but based on the early response, a number of classmates are planning to be there early and hike. Let Peter Elias know if you want to be listed on the Class website as one of the hikers.
Hanover walks
It is possible to do some small walks and hikes in and around Hanover. For one thing, both the Campus and Hanover have grown, and fully exploring it is both fun and good exercise. In addition, Hanover has a map and list of short hikes and walks: 
Local hikes
For those who want more adventure than exploring Hanover and the campus, there are many good options. Here are some suggestions, with basic information and links to more detail. The DOC provides useful and detailed information available through the links below. Trailfinder is also a good resource. 
  • Gile Mountain (1873 feet):
    • 1.4 miles, ~ 1 hiking hour, easy
    • Trailhead 7.3 miles from Hanover: designated parking for Tower Trail on Upper Turnpike Road in Norwich
    • Fire tower with excellent views
    • Trailhead: 13 miles from Hanover in Lyme Center
    • 2 hours hiking, covering 2.2 miles
    • Great views
    • Trailhead: 8 miles from Hanover, in Etna.
    • 4.1 miles, ~ 3 hiking hours, easy-medium, kid friendly
  • Smarts Mountain (3238 feet)
    • Trailhead in Lyme Center, 15 miles from Hanover.
    • 7.6 miles, ~ 5 hiking hours, moderately strenuous, gives a flavor of boreal forest
    • On the AT, features a fire tower
    • Can be a loop hike: Lambert Ridge Trail and Ranger Trail
    • Trailhead: 28 miles from Hanover in Orford
    • 4.5 hours to cover ~ 7 easy miles
  • Cardigan Mountain (3121 feet)
    • Trailhead: Cardigan Mountain State Park, 25 miles from Hanover, in Canaan, NH.
    • 4-6 miles round trip depending on which trails taken, moderate terrain, ledges slick if wet.
    • 360 degree views on bare (windy) summit
Some classmates have made it a Reunion tradition to arrive early, stay at the Ravine Lodge, and spend the day before Reunion starts hiking Moosilauke and its neighbors. The DOC has a map of Moosilauke trails. The renovated Ravine Lodge is fantastic. And there is an online collection of Moosilauke memories and stories
There are MANY options for hiking from the Ravine Lodge. Here are just two. The White Mountain Guide has 44 pages of great information about the area, the peaks, the trailheads, and the trails.
  • A full round trip from Ravine Lodge doing Mt Jim, Mt Blue, and the 3 Moosilauke peaks is 9.5 miles
  • A shorter and more direct (but steeper) route is the Gorge Brook Trail which is 3.6 miles to the summit. The ski team does a time trial up this trail every October. I believe Kris Freeman still holds the record of 35 minutes and 16 seconds!
The Ravine Lodge is also a great place to do some birding, photography, or just sit and read.
If you plan to stay at the Ravine Lodge and hike in the region, here is the information you need:
  • It is not included in the cost or transportation for Reunion. Make your own arrangements. (It’s pretty easy.)
  • Recommendation: arrive Wednesday, June 5th, spend the night, hike or play on Thursday, June 6th, spend the night, return to Hanover on Friday June 7th for the Reunion.
  • To make reservations you can call their off season phone number through March and leave a message so they can call you back: (603) 646-6543.
  • You can also use their online form to make a reservation. They will reply with a confirmation email and a process for paying. (It is wicked easy.)
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