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Reunion 50 Information

This post will serve as the basic information central for our 50th Reunion in June of 2019. We will update this page regularly as more information becomes available. If you have questions or wish to volunteer, use the contact form on the website to let us know.

Dates: June 7-11, 2019 (See the full schedule for pre and post reunion extras)

Location: Hanover, NH (you guessed that, right?)

The Reunion Committee is:

  • Rick Willets (Co-Chair)
  • Paul Tuhus (Co-chair)
  • Dimitri Gerakaris
  • Bill Stableford
  • Dona Heller
  • Arthur Fergenson
  • Norman Jacobs
  • Peter Elias (Web'ster and communications)

The 50th Reunion Book editors are:

  • Dudley Kay
  • David Prentice


The Reunion Team is:

(We have a large, dedicated, experienced, and talented team.)

  • Food and Beverage - Norman Jacobs (also souvenirs, but everyone knows that)
  • Seminar / Symposia  - Jim Staros
  • Memorial Service- Bill Stableford and Peter Schaeffer
  • Entertainment - Dona Heller
  • Connections  - Norman and Dona
  • Transportation - TBA (suggestions welcome)
  •  Registration - John Leavitt
  •  Reunion Treasurer- Rick Willets
  •  Reunion DCF Giving- John Myers
  •  Reunion Gift - Andy McLane
  •  Webmaster - Peter Elias
  •  Attendance - Dudley Kay
  •  Reunion Book - David Prentice and Dud
  •  Liaison to College - Paul Tuhus


Our goal is 100% attendance. We're counting on you to be there.