Who can forget her sharp and misty mornings? 

Not us! And now it’s carpe diem time: If not now . . .when?” 

It’s time to sign up for our 55th Reunion on June 10-12, 2024 (with early morning departure from the dorm on 6/13). We’re not getting any younger, so don’t put it off. Notify our registration chairman, Dudley Kay (dudkay69@gmail.com) that you’ll be there. Then email or phone your old roommates, frat brothers, teammates, lab partners, fellow ‘DCR or ‘D’ guys, and other ’69 friends, encouraging them to join you. 

Just because you went to the 50th and it was terrific doesn’t mean that the 55th wouldn’t be just as fun and meaningful. Here’s our current plan for this June:

Events at the DOC House and the Bema; tours of refurbished Dartmouth Hall and the new, high-tech West End Complex; presentations and discussions on Artificial Intelligence, D’69 Viet Nam and conscientious objector experiences, and constitutional law issues; a session with the College’s new President, Sian Beilock; a poignant memorial service to honor departed classmates; an acapella performance (trying to get the Aires!); an evening of dancing to a ‘60s frat rock band; a classical music concert; and of course, lots of time for just sitting around catching up with old friends and making new ones. 

A tentative schedule is posted here and will be updated with changes, so bookmark it.

Contact Reunion Co-Chairs Norman Jacobs (at njacobs@spiritproducts.com) or Dona Heller (at donaheller@gmail.com) right away with any questions or special requests. If the cost of attending is an issue for you, please contact Rick Willetts RGWillets@comcast.net . Scholarship money is available. (Rick will be the only one to know about scholarship requests and will handle all requests in confidence.)

Make your plan now; let us know soon! If not now . . . when?