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Casual Conversation October 29 with Classmates who served in Vietnam

Please see below for an important Casual Conversation on Sunday, October 29 at 3 pm Eastern Time.  The guests are our classmates, each of whom served in Vietnam during the war.  The event was organized by classmate Bill Stableford, who introduces in the description below the men who will be our guests to discuss their experiences before, during, and after their service abroad.
Usual rules apply: RSVP to my email by the Friday before, October 27: .
Arthur Fergenson


Peter Elias' reflections on Coming Home 2023

(Peter Elias offered these thoughts about our Class Coming Home gathering this past weekend.)

As I entered Hanover from the north, having spent several wonderful days hiking and eating at the Ravine Lodge, I truly felt that I was returning home. Driving past Baker, Rollins, Robo (Robinson Hall) and the Green, I recalled how I felt the first time I saw Hanover on a similarly glorious Fall day while touring New England with my father to look at possible colleges: this is my kind of place.

Casual Conversation: Professor Barrett on October 17

On Tuesday, October 17 at 5 pm Eastern Time, Professor John Q. Barrett will be our guest on Zoom to discuss Robert H. Jackson, Attorney General during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, appointed by FDR; and, appointed by Harry S Truman as United States Chief Counsel at the Nuremberg Trial from November 1945 to July 1946 of individuals at the center of Nazi criminality.  Nineteen of the twenty-two individual defendants were found guilty on October 1, 1946.