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Class of 2023 Most Diverse Ever

Dartmouth announced offers to 549 early decision candidates along with 25 low-income students through Dartmouth's participation in the QuestBridge National Match Program. The College describes 2023 as the most diverse class in the history of the College. Students are the heart of Dartmouth, so this is a Good Thing.



Article by Bill Coulson

Allen Denison alerted me to an article written by our own Bill Coulson, about Peleliu, one of the Palau Islands and the site of some fierce WWII fighting. The article is too long to print in our '69Times, but it's easy to alert you here and provide a link.  And a sketch of Bill, added here below the fold.

Fourth Annual 1969-2019 Trivia Night

Fourth Annual 1969/2019 Trivia Night  

January 12, 2019



Charleston Mini Reunion 2018

Hey, Guys and Gals,

Hope everybody had a great time in Charleston! As with any reunions in later years, we probably all enjoyed seeing old friends but delighted in getting to know some classmates, plus spouses, a lot better than we ever knew them in the 60s. Despite having three AD brothers together at one time, there was no surcharge for physical damage to the building, and nobody got put on double-secret probation (that we know about).

Reunions are a team sport!

And we have a large, dedicated, experienced, and talented team. 

Below the fold is the list of the various people who have responsibilities for our reunion.  


Food and Beverage - Norman Jacobs (also souvenirs, but everyone knows that)

Seminar / Symposia  - Jim Staros

Memorial Service- Bill Stableford and Peter Schaeffer

Entertainment - Dona Heller

Connections  - Norman and Dona

Transportation - TBA (suggestions welcome)

 Registration - John Leavitt

 Reunion Treasurer- Rick Willets

Bob Sturges editorial

The following is an editorial by our own Bob Sturges.

It’s time to hit the pause button on legalized sports betting
(May 25, 2018)

As a 30-year veteran of the gaming industry and a partner in the Miami Heat basketball team (I am speaking only for myself on this issue), one might assume that I was jumping for joy when the Supreme Court opened the door two weeks ago to legal sports betting in all 50 states. 

Mets Mini Reunion July 2018

I added a gallery of photos take by Mark Bankoff. If someone does a write-up of the event, I will add it here.  Here is the link to the gallery.


John Sasser and Jerry Schulze Update from Dud Kay

An update from Dud Kay about Jerry Schulze and John Sasser.

Just a few 2700 miles apart, classmates Jerry Schulze and John Sasser got together with me to talk about the 50th and lots of other good stuff.

A viewable and downloadable pdf of the Green Book

If you lost your Green Book, or if you are traveling and didn't bring it with you, you can  access it online of download a pdf version HERE.



Reunion 50 Schedule (TENTATIVE)

Dartmouth College

Class of 1969–50th Reunion

June 6-10, 2019

(Updated March 8, 2019)


See also the schedule of the 'OFFICIAL' events here on the Dartmouth pages.


Residence Hall: McLaughlin Cluster

Class Headquarters: Occom Commons


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