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To Returning!

A tip of the hat to Arthur Fergenson for this:

"A Triolet" by Dorothy Parker, from "Not Much Fun: The Lost Poems of Dorothy Parker," compiled by Stuart Y. Silverstein (Scribner 2009)

Thanks and thoughts about our 50th Reunion

Our 50th Reunion was, without doubt, the most engaging and enjoyable 5 days I have ever spent in and around Hanover. I am so appreciative of the thought and work that went into The Book and all the Reunion events. I'm talking not just about the movers and shakers behind the scenes, but also about all of you who contributed your thoughts, photos, and attendance. I want to share three realizations from my drive home to Maine.

ICYMI: Yo Yo Ma Commencement address at Reunion

For those who didn't attend Reunion, who attended but couldn't stay for Commencement, or for those who would like to see and heaer it again, HERE is Yo Yo Ma first addressing us and then playing his cello.

Class of '69 50th Reunion Twitter account

Announcing the Class of ‘69 50th Reunion Twitter project.


Our Class has had a (dormant to the point of being moribund) Twitter account since 2010. Our Twitter handle is: @dartmouth69.

We also have a brand new (it’s still pretty green) hashtag for stuff related to our 50th Reunion:  #69Reunion50.

Sandy Alderson in the news

From the NYTimes 28 May 2019:

Barely 24 hours after Sandy Alderson’s contract with the Mets expired last October, he got a surprise phone call from his past. It was Billy Beane, a former disciple of Alderson’s in Oakland and now an industry giant as the A’s vice president for baseball operations. Beane wasn’t interested in small talk, and he began the conversation with a pointed question:

Through a Glass Darkly - Reunion panel option

Below the fold is some information about one of the events at our 50th Reunion.


To be immortal is commonplace; except for man, all creatures are immortal, for they are ignorant of death.  (Jorge Luis Borges)

Lynn Lobban interview in The Dartmouth

Today's issue of The Dartmouth has an interview with classmate Lynn Lobban about her experiences with Dartmouth.

The opening paragraph:

May 6th Parkhurst memories

Thanks to classmate David Prentice for pointing out Dean Seymour's Facebook post about the events and the DAM article about the May 6th 1969 takeover of Parkhurst as a protest against the war.

After talking about how he and David Green reconnected years later, Dean Seymour comments that:

John Burton '69 in DAM

From the most recent DAM issue, an article about River Master Jay Evans '49 includes a comment from our classmate John Burton, pasted below. The rest of the issue is also worth reading.



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