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DOC House Restoration Project and Donor List

Although construction of the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) House will be delayed by COVID-19, fundraising continues and is doing well. You can see more about the project (including an online version of the detailed book about the project with multiple great photos) and here and it is easy to donate online here.

Hanover as a ghost town

Paul Tuhus sent these photos with the following comment: "Here are a few shots of downtown Hanover today taken from the corner of Main and Wheeloc

Dudley and Jill keep busy during the pandemic

To stave off boredom, Dud and Jill have taken up growing leafy vegetables hydroponically and tackling increasingly difficult jigsaw puzzles.

A Traveling Compnay

A Traveling Company of aspiring thespians (not just actors and directors, but those who consider themselves theater-adjacent) collaborated this past weekend on a Zoom-reading of Shakespeare's As You Like It.  The merry but motley crew included classmates from 3 countries, 9 states, both coasts, and 5 time zones. We are already planning more events.


Classmates with no email address

Here is a list of classmates (and spouses for deceased classmates) for whom neither we nor the College have a current and valid email address. If you are in touch with them or know their email address, please help us out!


Missing classmates

Here is a list of classmates for which neither we nor the College has any current or recent contact information. If you know where they are or what they are doing these days, please help us get in touch with them:


Some thoughts on soccer from Aldie Caram

Our Class soccer commentator offered some good thoughts about the world's most popular sport, the Beautiful Game:

I wish I had had the time / discipline to respond to each of these last 5 emails that came after the one with the "Brazilian hug". There are so many interesting stories, aspects, and opinions that I'd enjoy interacting with. Guess I'll do a couple to start.

Classmate notes on travel

Here are some communications from classmates about their travel experiences. Feel free to submit your own...

From Paul Tuhus:

Tex -

It’s been a few years since my last tour assignments in Asia, but here are a few thoughts.

Although China is fascinating in its own way, if you’ve never been to Asia before it won’t likely match your mental image of the region.


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